Manicure using Scotch


Manicure using Scotch


The harmony of beauty and style

New original equipment manicure change each other so quickly that it is difficult for them to follow even the most careful fashion! Beauty salons invite you to try out all the new techniques, and girls try to play them at home, using improvised tools! New women's trick to create stunning patterns on nails-use Scotch tape! Seemingly, the object, which is used for gluing of paper, totally unrelated to the original nail design. Manicure using Scotch tape do not too difficult! Even beginners who just started to learn the art of manicure can do it at home.

List of required materials:

  • ordinary Scotch. Fits narrow-sided adhesive tape, low level of tackiness, which leaves no sticky Strip on the nails;
  • basis under the lacquer coating attachment; Nail Polish colors, combined between them;
  • nail decor if desired: sequins, rhinestones;

Technology implementation manicure using Scotch tape.

  1. Apply Foundation under the varnish. Make sure that the layer is completely dry. Nakraste nails colored lacquer;
  2. Let dry well;
  3. Apply strips of adhesive tape to create Favorites image. Good smooth;
  4. Apply a different color nail polish on the open part of the nail. Don't be afraid to paint edges;
  5. Give time to the second layer dry completely;
  6. Apply a figure reflecting the transparent basis. Optionally decorate nails sequins;
    Scotch can be glued at different angles, creating incredible drawings. Cutting thin strips or figures from tape, you can translate the new original ideas:
  • diagonal lines;
  • colorful strips from different angles;
  • rays in all directions;
  • hearts and stars;
  • chessboard;
  • a variety of geometric shapes.


French manicure execution technology.

  • Apply Foundation under lacquer;
  • top nail the main color;
  • stick the tape on the nail, leaving a thin line from the edge;
  • paint the tip of the nail varnish white;
  • carefully remove the tape;
  • top nail create transparent;
  • You can use the decor: small shiny details.
Remember that each layer must be dry. Adhesive tape must stick tightly to the varnish was not able to get under it.    Some girls are more like French back when taped with adhesive tape the tip of the nail and the other color varnish was covered by part of the nail near cuticle.    In order to make the edge of the nail in the form of smiles, the women came up with a secret method. It is necessary to take a small circular cover, for example, from Polish. On her stick tape. Trim with scissors Scotch tape so that left a semicircle. Make the same pieces for all nails. Paste the semicircles of tape on the fingernails, capped with the foreground color to the ends remained open. Paint the tips of nails white varnish, wait until completely dry and remove tape. It turns out smooth and neat French manicure!

Implementation technology of moon manicure.

Moon manicure using Scotch tape-revival fashion last century Moon manicure is experiencing a new wave of popularity! Combine different colors and shades, using new tools and materials. The Moon manicure, which first appeared in the 20 years of the last century, was very fashionable among Hollywood beauties! In 2010 year it again remembered! It was used to catwalks, fashion shows, technology resumed in nail salons. But the home run Moon manicure using Scotch tape can all comers:
  • cover with a transparent varnish nail to the foreground color of the cover looked brighter;
  • Paste Special tape for Lunar manicure on the hole at the base and on the edge of the nail plate. You can cut an arc from the regular Scotch tape;
  • put make-up nails with lacquer red (or other);
  • carefully remove the tape before layer is completely dry;
  • nails cover with a transparent varnish to remove prominence;
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