Manicure in history


Manicure in history

The emergence of manicure in ancient Egypt

Pharaoh Nyuserre

Double statue of Nyuserre

History of manicure in ancient Egypt said that colours of paints for nails was "bar code". Saturated bright colours were saying that a person belongs to a noble family, talked about a high position in society, and nails painted in pale pastel colours indicated belonging to a class of slaves. Long nails of Cleopatra were painted plain henna in terracotta colour. Throughout the Middle Ages was the most popular henna nail paint. History of manicure is rooted in deep antiquity. In Egypt in 1964, with archaeological excavations discovered the tomb with mummies of people from the list of Pharaoh Niuserre of the retinue, who lived over 2400 BC. These lists they were listed as "keepers and craftsmen nails Pharaoh», that is, in modern terms, the courtiers manicure. During Archeological excavations in Egypt have found mummies thousands of years ago with neatly manicured fingernails, painted with henna. The Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra used regular henna for coloring their long nails in terracotta colour.

Manicure set

Manicure set in antiquity

In Egypt, 1 in. BC There was a whole range of shades of paints for nails as a so-called "class code". By color nails among the ancient Egyptians could determine which layer the society belongs to the people. Parliament of nobles and priests were allowed to paint your nails in different shades of red, while the commoners-only pale flowers. The most ancient manicure set of cast gold, dates back to 3200 g. BC It was found in the Chaldean graves in the southern part of the ruins of Babylon.

The emergence of manicure in ancient China


Women of the Imperial Court

In the history of manicure in ancient China, long nails helped communicate with deities and pointed to the wisdom, which is why all all otraŝivali and stained nails. In the manufacture of lacquer the ancient Chinese used a mixture of gelatin, gummiarabiki, egg yolks, wax and added one of the natural dyes. Only the last 600 years, the Chinese began to use silver and gold paint.Red and black colors took their place of honor even at a time when it ruled Ming dynasty (1368-1644). In ancient China, nail paint prepared from wax, egg whites, gelatin, gum Arabic preferred was Golden or serebrânnnyj color. In the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) in fashion consisted of black and red nails, and even later on the fingers began to wear gold or Silver tips. The loss of tips was considered shameful for a girl. What was thought to be an ancient was tip, so worthy girl.

The emergence of manicure in ancient Europe


Catherine De ' Medici

With regard to the history of manicure in Europe (particularly in France) first cosmetics were imported during the reign of Catherine de ' Medici (1565-1566). It was considered bad manners to paint nails in bright colors so popular were simple shades. Also favoured natural nail length: in vogue were short nails. Manicure Nail Polish and cleaning thought it to shine a special wand that was wrapped in suede. The most common and probably the most versatile and suitable to all kind of European manicure is. And came up with his French manicure master back in the 1930-ies. This was the first safe manicure manicure views, which helped maintain the health of a nail and exclude cuts thin skin around the nails and damage to the nail plate due to the renunciation of the use of scissors or nail clippers. The use of massage oils and nutritional compositions for skin and nails makes the procedure easier. And here is the beloved and acclaimed French manicure appeared, as it turned out, not in France, but in the United States at the request of a Hollywood director who complained that nails actresses during the day have painted several times, so they combined with their outfits, and expressed the idea of establishing such a manicure that would be suitable to all types of clothing. And thus was born the world famous "French", by the way, it got its name later when manicure has already won podiums and French models had become his loudest fans.  Since the 1970 's, when it was coined by the French, he went through a lot of stages and adaptations. Now at the peak of popularity of color when French smile line stands out in some bright color, and the fingernail which is covered with it, but unconditionally classics remains a combination of bright lines of smiles and beige or light pink nail plate.

The history of the modern manicure

Louis Philippe de Bourbon

Louis Philippe de Bourbon

History of manicure modern begins in 1830, when France had to remove the Burr from the thumb of King Louis-Philippe. Hand care Kit was commissioned to develop a doctor who spent this easy operation. By the early 20th century, production of tools for manicure reached industrial level, and at the time of the so-called "nail kits" went out on the shelves of conventional supermarkets. In these sets included suede nail file, Orange stick, powder and a bottle of ointment. Interestingly, these kits were widely used by men and women. When the hand began to pay more and longer steel appeared cosmetic, which gave nails shine and brightness that has bred more attractiveness of hands. The first lucky that appeared in the sale were a kind of paste that after overlaying on fingernails polished by various methods.

Distribution of manicure in Europe

The most widely used manicure and pedicure received in Europe, but not every woman was able to afford such a luxury. In those days, this expensive procedure pointed to a high position in society. With time in the elongated nails include fashion, which form different kinds of attention. And the fashion for coloring nails appeared in Europe with the advent of Nail Polish (1932). At the moment there are several types of manicure, but processing technique nails no significant difference. Only additional steps in the process which produces a result different from the others. The development of art hand and nail care is an interesting and deep history. In the development process of manicure attitude constantly changed, so did the varied forms of care, nail care products and components for coloring. Groomed, graceful and beautiful hands and nails always.
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