Manicure-print from the newspaper. How?


Manicure-print from the newspaper. How?

In the past few years, an increasing number of fans becomes a surprisingly simple and stylish nail technician-manicurist with newsprint printing. Manicure-print  For him, unlike many other types of manicure, you don't have to buy nor stencils, nor lacquer paints-no special tools. Manicure using newspaper is done, we can say from scrap materials. What do I need to manicure (c) newspaper: monophonic Lac highlights for fundamentals of transparent varnish or a retainer spirtosoderzhashchaja liquid doesn't matter what colour the primary lacquer you choose. The classic version is considered white, but you can use beige or Peach. If you prefer a bright tone, try, for example, yellow. The main thing is that the varnish was enough light to black letters on it were clearly visible. Instead of colorless varnish coating attachment can be used to save your manicure for the long haul and not damage it, for example, when washing dishes. To the last paragraph of perfect nail polish remover with acetone, medical alcohol, Cologne or alcohol-based cleaning fluids (e.g., isopropyl, that is used for cleaning tools). You can use regular vodka. Font, translated by using alcohol, you get a little pale. Nail polish remover will make the picture brighter, but can spoil the appearance of manicure: under the influence of acetone to the nail often stick paper particles and coated becomes uneven. So, proceed. Do manicure-print. p 1. In advance cut 10 pieces of small size. It is necessary that they not only completely covered the nail plate, but were slightly larger, so that they can be easily removed (but do not make them too large, otherwise the hanging edge will disturb when working with neighboring nails). The paper must be sufficiently tight, otherwise it can razmoknut and partially stick to the lacquer. It is important to remember that for this manicure is right for newsprint with printing ink, rather than a magazine, since printing on glossy surfaces a nail is not moved. To determine whether to transfer paint on your nails, rub a sheet of white paper page. If it were left black marks mean newspaper can safely use. p 2. Give your nails in order. One of the advantages of "newspaper" manicure that he looks good on nails of any form, and it is not necessary to grow or strengthen long toenails. The main thing is that the edges of the nails were neat. Carefully remove the cuticles and small burrs, otherwise once you nanesëte lacquer, nail base will get a sloppy look. To Lac went more smoothly, it can be sanded and polished surface. p 3. Top nail varnish, the best in two layers to color looked uniform. First, apply one layer, let it dry a bit, and then apply a second. You must then wait to nail polish is completely dry, otherwise then coverage is deformed or partially spolzët. Some masters recommend to proceed to the next steps a day after drawing basics, as during this time the varnish is completely dry and damage when working with alcoholic solution will be minimal. But this is not required. p 4. Pour alcohol (vodka, acetone, etc.) into a suitable size tank and dip into her nail on the 5-10 seconds (do not hold for too long, otherwise the top coat will). Then attach to nail a piece of newspaper face down. If you feel that your paper too dry, you can put a little bit of alcohol on top. Wait, when the paper dries. This can take anywhere from 20 seconds to two minutes, depending on the weight of the paper. Press the newspaper caution that it is not moved out, otherwise the thumbprint will be blurred. Be careful: use all pieces of paper so that the text was located in the same direction. If any inscription otpečataetsâ upside down, such a little thing, of course, you may notice only if close examination, but because our hands are almost always on view, it will look not very pretty. p 5. Then remove the paper; be careful not to break. It is best to do this in one swift movement. Manicure-printp 6. Cover with a colourless varnish nail or a special retainer, otherwise printing ink is erased immediately. You can apply a few layers to longer feast for the eyes. Manicure-print

Very feminine looks newspaper print in conjunction with the French manicure. To do this, cut out the pieces of newspaper with a very smooth, direct edge and applying them to the part of the nail, which is covered with pink paint, a white stripe above leave untouched you can also come up with different combinations of patterns: for example, to make a composition of figures or musical notation is not necessarily translate font on the nail. You can simply prepare neat pieces of newspaper on the shape of the nail varnish cover him, and, when the varnish is completely dry, put on a nail previously moistened paper. When the paper becomes dry, it should be fixed on the nail several layers of transparent varnish. Although this manicure can easily make every woman, it's not always perfect, it turns out the first time. The reason may be the wrong choice of paper or through negligence rasplyvšijsâ font. It's okay-next attempt would necessarily be successful! Whatever option manicure from the newspaper you choose, the result will be spectacular. So do not hurry to get rid of old newspapers-they can still be useful to you.

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