Manicure and their types


Manicure and their types


Holding manicure

Manicure involves manicuring and nail, but not only. Also the concept of manicure includes nail decoration, which follows immediately after nursing procedures. Manicure is divided into groups: -Manicure on ways to handle -Spa manicure -decorative manicure

Manicure on ways of processing:

-Classic or trim, this circumcision care cuticle. It should have a master, because alone the cuticles cut problematic-can traumatize the nail, skin, nail bed. Classic manicure serves as the bedrock of which only accumulate over time in other ways, more sparing and universal. -European. This type does not require circumcision cuticle that during rasparivaetsâ or handled a special oil or composition, and then removed an orange stick. European manicure is soft and netravmatičnyj, because it does not apply sharp metal tools. It is well suited to all who are afraid their hands contact with sharp knife or pliers to cuticles. European manicure often practiced for men who have a high sensitivity of this zone. -Manicure-it's totally dry treatment of hands and nails. No steaming, all the work is done by machines, which polishes nail plate and gently clears away the cuticle. Manicure showed people who cannot perform a "wet" procedures, as well as everyone else who wants to try to imagine the efficiency and quality of this method of nail care.



SPA treatments include recreation, relaxation, involving water. Spa-manicure can be conducted before the decorative, but it is also a great private relaxing treatment. Classic SPA manicure is an immersion of hands in a warm bath, in which the dissolved nutrients, relaxing salt, aromatic essential oils. After the bath is done hand massage with application of fatty oils or lotion.   manicure Hot SPA manicure involves hot oil or nourishing cream. Composition for manicure heated in a water bath to a temperature of 55-60 c, then it is omitted only the hand or fingers by approximately 15-20 minutes. Hot manicure opens the pores, the nutrients quickly penetrate the skin of hands and nails. Hands become very soft, nail plate Glitters, moreover, after such a steaming easier to remove the cuticle. Paraffin therapy is long known and widely used type of manicure, which is suitable for women with very dry skin and brittle nails. For him using paraffin, heated up to 55 c, in which descend preliminary greased hands nourishing cream. It is formed by a paraffin glove, which seals the hand skin, exacerbating the effect of the cream. You can withdraw it through 20-30 minutes, enjoying the soft and velvety handles. To paraffin should not be used when mechanical injuries of skin and nails, in the presence of inflammatory elements, ulcers, scratches. Japanese manicure-it is the whole complex of medical SPA treatments to restore damaged nails. Regeneration takes place using natural ingredients: extracts of seaweed, Pearl powder, whey concentrates based on medicinal plants, and even all the tools of natural origin. Brazilian manicure implies individual set of tools for each client. It includes gloves with cream, cuticle stick and nail file. Cream gloves has nourishing antiseptic composition, which has a regenerating effect on the skin and the nail plate, antifungal effect also relaxes, heals a wound and softens cuticles. The biggest plus of the Brazilian manicure is hygienic because it supplies all disposable and opened when the client.

Decorative manicure

In this cluster of manicure lot because ways of decorating nails mankind invents more and more every year. The easiest and the most famous French manicure, which adjoins the White tip with pastel shade of nail. A classic version of French has undergone great changes, and now the tip of the nail can be of any color, shape and thickness. manicure American manicure is a monophonic bright neon Nail Polish shades on long oval nails. It is desirable that such a manicure is consistent with the color of lipstick. There is a variety of American and French manicure when long oval nails are covered with bright shades of varnishes on French type-with cold tip. manicure Japanese nail art, unlike the classic Japanese SPA-manicure, nail decoration is a complex three-dimensional elements-beads, bows, flowers, dolls, animals and so on. Usually such a manicure stick adepts of Japanese street fashion, who do not take each nail to issue separately, unlike the other. Also applied art modeling and nail painting, Aquarium design, which combines with the building, but they have no direct relation to the actual manicure. Nail art is a way to make the nails real works of art, but the difference between him and a manicure. Nail art is given a certain amount of time on your nails, then as a manicure, i.e., well groomed hands and nails is an eternal category, which requires no special occasion.
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