Lasting Nail Polish


Lasting Nail Polish


Lasting nail serves as just one of those services, which provides the ability to save time without compromising its own beauty and apparent condition of the nails. This service is ideal for those girls who regularly commit from one country to another or periodically "roam" on business trips. Durable coating (no exaggeration) can stick on nails up to two weeks and experienced work qualified masters will achieve on nails strong protection from minor mechanical damage. A nice addition to the procedure is independent and with this easy disposal of durable coatings using a special liquid without participation of the master and extra trip to the beauty salon. The undeniable advantage of the method is stable and bright color coating.

What is a long-lasting nail?

Lasting nail is a combination of gel and varnish containing the best qualities of both. Procedure lasting coverage does not imply prior sawing nail cover is allowed frequent use and preserves the integrity and health of a nail. Composition of a durable cover nail art includes two main components: gel and nail polish. In contrast to the known and not less common procedure of building, lasting nail guarantees the safety of the nail without sawing and violating the integrity of the nail cover that serves as a guarantee of the frequent change of manicure and image in General. With a durable coated nails you don't have to worry about the safety of their manicures in various unforeseen circumstances. If earlier, after the usual varnish nail coverings, original appearance manicure remained at best until the evening, but it is known that manicure may persist for quite a long time without visible changes. Another indisputable advantage of gel varnish is its caring effect. All the time, is still on the nails, it has restorative, firming and moisturising on nail plates. Procedure lasting nail coatings is a beauty and skin care at the same time.

Disadvantages of lasting nail coatings

The only disadvantage of coating can be called grown nail, which is at the base of the remains "no color". However, this problem can be fixed easily by using conventional lacquer. Thus, having no significant deficiencies, lasting nail has a lot of advantages.
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