What nail Polish to choose? Gel or acrylic?


Gel or acrylic?

Every woman wants to have long manicured nails which are sure to attract looks. But, unfortunately, not everyone can boast of their healthy, beautiful natural nails. Therefore, there is a possibility to use the capacity, which will allow you to keep the manicure in attractive condition for a long time. It is a quick procedure that will allow you not to worry about brittle nails or unattractive. There are two technologies of extension: gel and acrylic.

the Gel nail PolishGel allows the coating to "breathe" the nail plate and causes no damage to natural nails. In addition, it has a natural look and natural Shine. The procedure of solidification and alignment of the gel in ultraviolet lamps. As regrowth of the natural nail will have to make a correction gel build-up, through a small cutting of the extended surface and laying a new layer of gel.Distinguish gel build-up on forms and on tips. Building on tips is a superimposition with a special adhesive artificial nails on the natural and the top is coated with gel.Building on the form – gel coating on the plate with a stencil placed under its edge. After curing in the lamp, these stencils are cleaned. It is worth considering that with this method, the increasing need to have long natural nails.Gel unlike acrylic shallowly penetrates into the nail plate, the flowing air.Remember that you should avoid liquid Polish remover, which composition contains acetone, it may very severely damage the gel and to eliminate its luster. The repeated extensions of course the plate will be strengthened, but you still need to treat them after the procedure increase with caution.

Acrylic nail PolishAcrylic coating is carried out by applying powder, after mixing it with a special liquid. For accurate application of the acrylic you need an experienced master. After drying this mixture nail file, Polish and impart a desired color. Acrylic supple and creates a protective surface. Remove the acrylic easier than gel, with the liquid.You also need to remember that improper handling of acrylic coating can easily break. In addition, acrylic is not recommended for people taking antibiotics, as the acrylic can just "not go" and be rejected by the body. And before the procedure with acrylic, should take care in advance about the edging manicure.Manicure the most common and is the process of sawing, removal of cuticle with tweezers and polishing of the nail plate. In the final stage, it is recommended to lubricate the cuticle softening oil. It is worth remembering that you should be very careful to disinfect all tools for this kind of manicure to prevent infection. Acrylic lacquer with castor oil or dibutyl phthalate immune to sunlight, and the presence of butyl alcohol and formaldehyde resin adds strength and Shine, there are also products with calcium that strengthens your nails.
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