Types of pedicure


Types of pedicure

Types of pedicure

Hand and foot health

The legs feel comfortable and look attractive, you must regularly to care for them. Pedicure is one of those procedures, which will help maintain the health and beauty of the feet for years to come. It includes several major phases: purification, treatment of skin and nails, hydration and nail polish. There are two main types of pedicure: classical (manual) and hardware. In addition, every year there are more new types of pedicure: combined pedicure, SPA pedicure, Japanese and even "fish" pedicure.
Pedicure is considered safer and more environmentally friendly than the classic, and suitable even for sensitive skin. It helps to get rid of many problems with nails: ingrown, calluses, corns, changes the nail plate and others, as well as prevents them from reappearing.

Classic pedicure

Performance technique Classic pedicure is done manually. This procedure can be done in your home or at the Salon. It is characterized by the use of scissors, nail file and tweezers to remove coarse skin. After cleansing and moisturizing foot is processed using special saws and special funds as well as removing cuticles. This is followed by a foot massage with the use of moisturizers and nails. They must be trimmed straight and not very briefly to avoid ingrown. The next step is sawing and polishing the nails. At the end of the procedure you can degrease using nails disinfectants and cover with a layer of transparent varnish. Types of pedicure-classic Classic pedicure is of two types: cut and dry (a.k.a. European pedicure). Their main difference is in how to handle the cuticle. When trimming pedicure skin rasparivaetsâ in the bath for feet, then moves to the edge of the cuticle of the nail plate wooden stick and cut off with scissors or with a special tool. When neobreznom pedicure cuticle is dissolved with the help of cosmetics without using water.


This pedicure the same principle in its classical form, however, instead of steaming water used emollient cosmetics and skin and nail for processing-apparatus. Rough skin areas are sanded using different sizes and shapes of nozzles: they let you delicately handle skin stop even in the most inaccessible places. Now available special portable devices that allow you to do a pedicure at home, however, the effect of such a procedure is unlikely to replace the labour result qualified specialist.

Combined pedicure

There is another kind of pedicure-combined. It combines the features of two major types: usually, skin treatment apparatus is made and nails-manually. This method allows to achieve good results, even in complex cases.


Recently a popular SPA pedicure. This procedure includes not only the handling of the foot and nails to make them aesthetic appearance, but also a special foot skin care and relaxation. At the time, this pedicure uses cosmetics, is composed of natural ingredients: essential oils, plant extracts, mud, seaweed, thermal water, salts, and other useful features. First stage-foot bath with added oils, then fitopiling with a natural scrub, massage, as well as a variety of masks. Methods of treatment of the feet and nails can be both classic and hardware.

"Fish" pedicure

An unusual variant of the categories of types of pedicure is coming from Asia "fish" pedicure. In an aquarium with a variety of fish are immersed processed an antiseptic tank feet. Peeling is not familiar tools and by fish Garra rufa. They are known for their ability to consume dead skin flakes, clearing it, rejuvenating and curing sore due to contained substances in saliva. At the conclusion of the procedure to an ordinary pedicure-hardware or classic. Doctors believe "fish" pedicure nonsterile and dangerous procedure, possible cause of various diseases. "Fish" pedicure is banned in some States of the United States, Canada, Thailand, British Columbia intend to prohibit United Kingdom and France.

Japanese pedicure

It's a delicate medical procedure aimed at improving the health of your feet. This option category: types of pedicure-neobreznym runs way using natural items and materials that help treat and eliminate the various problems with nails and skin: calluses, corns, fractures, as well as improve the overall condition of the skin and nail plates. The peculiarity of this type of pedicures that it uses only natural products and materials.
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