Pedicure-what is it?


Pedicure-what is it?

Pedicure (pedicure), this procedure is foot care, including care for the toes, removal of corns, cleaning and polishing the nails. Legs carry a very heavy load, maintaining the gravity of the body. Impact on their condition and tight, uncomfortable shoes, heels, and gravity that we raise in the course of the day. Your legs will take the healthy look only if you regularly use not only creams, but and do various baths, mask, massage. What would stop the skin was soft and tender, from time to time carry out such a procedure: mix blue clay water to chyme, and apply it as a mask on the feet. Wait until the mask will dry up and then rinse with warm water and lubricate clay feet nourishing cream.



Pedicure bath

Feet require careful maintenance. Preferably daily do warm baths, which relieve fatigue, improve circulation, detoxify the skin. Footbath is not only a good preparation for pedicure (pedicure), but also a great way to relieve stress. We offer some recipes baths for feet. Many foot bath have useful functions: vibration, acupuncture massage, maintaining the temperature. Included are a few tips. Most of these devices have several modes of operation.



Foot massage

Massage makes skin elastic and smooth. Begin to massage with the foot, slowly climbing up to the stifle joint 3-4 times. Then massage each finger from the tip to the base; knead the whole foot and complete massage proglaživaniem.



Foot gymnastics

Useful to walk home barefoot on a carpet or parquet, outside the city-on the grass. To strengthen the muscles in your feet, try at least a few minutes a day walking on tiptoe. A few simple exercises can help relieve fatigue from your legs and will be useful for the prevention of disease in feet and joints.


Corns can appear due to uncomfortable shoes socks, due to the characteristics of gait, or may indicate a disease. There are still warts, which are called dry calluses. They cause pain, it is difficult to appear, and after removing the often grow more Corn. occurring on the soles, toes and mejpaltsevykh folds stop, often painful and make it difficult to walk; in appearing on their surface cracks can get germs and cause the development of Erysipelas, Phlegmon and other diseases. So when you need to address the cause of corn that caused it, and, if necessary, remove corn.


Sometimes in the field of bones of the big toe or heel bone is formed beneath the outgrowth, which worried and makes every step painful. This is the Spurs. With the Spurs, you can try to fight using slurry of garlic. But to prevent scalding such compress better impose through two layers of gauze or cloth. Most often, the appearance of the Spurs is evidence of strengthening the process of salt deposits in the joints.

Ingrown toenails

Ingrown nail is often formed on big toes. The reason they may be too narrow shoes or deep vystrižennye in the corners of the nails. Remember that you must cut the nails right in a straight line, not the rounded ends. To get rid of ingrown nail, you should steam leg, soften cuticles and give the nail to the correct position. You can make an edge nail Groove lengthwise on the nail, it will alleviate stress and make the pain less.

Fungal (tinea)

fungal infections feed on keratin that makes up fingernails. There are three groups of fungal diseases: keratomycosis, dermatomikozy and candidiasis. When keratomikozah fungus is in the surface layers of the skin without causing inflammation. On the skin there are small brown spots that may merge, forming pockets with easy peeling. Dermatomikozy start stop on the skin. Occurs on the sole peeling, cracks between the toes and diaper rash. When running stage affects the nails: become dull, with yellow stripes, thicken, their edges crumble. The disease can jump on hands and large folds of skin on the body. Candida can infect the mucous membranes of the mouth, urogenital′nuû region, as well as the Palm of a hand, foot, and body folds. On your toes nail pripuhaût nail plate rollers, darkens, becomes pitted. Onihomicose-gribkovom defeat nail plates-nails crumble, exfoliate, broken, mutating: fade, thicken, become uneven, covered by yellow spots and stripes. Appear red and itchy skladočkah between the fingers (usually the ring and middle or little finger), the skin peels off, becomes rougher and the soles and sides of feet often poorly healing crack. As the process appear multiple bubbles that burst, merge into erosion (naked skin, which supports tissue fluid), inflamed, cause an increase in temperature and deterioration of general condition.

Contraindications for pedicure (pedicure)

Until recently, pedicure (pedicure) was contraindicated in patients with diabetes mellitus, since the foot people suffering this disease requires a very careful attitude. Diabetics suffer from the slightest injury, their skin is particularly vulnerable to infections and healing occurs very slowly. Modern methods of processing (Special nozzles for apparatus pedicure (pedicure) and preparations for the care of diabetic foot) allow you to take care of the feet of diabetics without any risk to their health.
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