Foot care and health


Foot care and health


Healthy legs

Back in starobytnye times people give general status and health of the feet and on their status can judge the health of the human body as a whole, and even determine the presence or absence of diseases of the heart, which may indicate swelling of the ankles. A Japanese professor at the beginning of the 20th century Khan Cham Qi even claimed that judge health can be easily worn shoes with the greatest bias in one direction or another, and correctly selected shoes can and does enhance human immunity. Sometimes people do not pay enough attention to her feet do not monitor their health, aesthetic views. Such frivolous attitude often leads to severe consequences such as: running form cracks, stop deep pivotal calluses and corns, ingrown toenails. It is not uncommon for a solution to the problem had to resort to surgical methods. Clients often miss the initial stages of fungal skin and nail stop. Everyone knows that any disease or condition quickly and easily treatable and adjustments in the initial stages of development. On the foot is full of nerve endings, associated with the organs of the body. Cleaning the foot from the build-up and dead cells, we clean and whole body, give body to "breathe". On hygiene of feet and nail plate on your toes, it is important to remember not only in summer, when need shoeing sandals. Take care of your feet and do pedicure (pedicure) specialists advise all year round to avoid trouble: calluses, corns and even stop hyperkeratosis. For effective treatment of corns, corns and Keratosis in pedicure (pedicure) apply fruit acids. Now the most popular paraffin baths for feet, which contribute to the rejuvenation of the skin of the feet. For all its advantages at a pedicure (pedicure) there are contraindications. Among them: varicose veins, rash of unknown etiology, mechanical injury, fungus, bophlebitis. You should also exercise caution in pregnancy and diabetic foot syndrome. Pedicure (pedicure) uses chemicals, so its not worth doing:
  • pregnant women;
  • allergies (especially if you have skin allergies);
  • people with severe kidney disease and liver (these bodies detoxify our body against poisons and toxins, when severe illness it is difficult for them to cope with its task, and even more so with the additional loads).
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